May 26

“Father’s Day” PTA Fundraiser

golfDo you need an idea for a gift for Father’s Day? The PTA can help……Golf Peeler Cards. Each card costs $40 and has BOGO (buy one & get one free) offers for green fees at 23 golf courses across Nova Scotia. For each card sold the school gets $20. Here’s a chance to give a gift that gives twice; someone special receives an awesome gift, and you also support teaching and learning at Park West School. Your son/daughter will soon receive an advance order form to bring home. Please fill it out and return it to school with the payment by June 14, so you will receive it by Father’s Day on June 19. If you have any questions please contact Jana at .

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May 24

The Redemption of Gertie Greene

Gertie GreenePark West School presents the dramatic play The Redemption of Gertie Greene on Wednesday, June 15, at 6:30 pm, in the gym.

New student, Gertie Greene, is a bully. Gossip spreads like wildfire that she attacks kids in the washroom, knocks down soccer players, and gets suspended all the time. Even teachers are afraid of her. Everyone is taking about it, so it must be true. But….is she really a terrifying monster?

In The Redemption of Gertie Greene the truth comes out in the most unexpected ways. Is Gertie really what everyone calls her: a freak, strange, stupid, clumsy, and mean? Or…can Mrs. Fillmore’s quirky drama students see past the drama to discover the real person behind the rumours? As they separate fact from fiction, Gertie and her fellow drama students bring to light the transforming power of kindness, and the importance of standing up for people who can’t defend themselves.

This dramatic play is directed by Ms. Lisa Sutherland (EPA). Ms. Jenn Copley (grade primary teacher) is the assistant director. Ms. Lynn Anderson (PWS parent) is the stage manager. Twenty-one cast members and two stage crew in grades 6 – 9 are involved in this production. The presentation is 50 minutes long, and is most appropriate for children in grades 4 and up

Order forms for tickets will go home on May 30. Tickets may also be purchased at the door. All tickets are $5.00 each.

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May 24

A “culture of acceptance” at PWS

Our Diversity Assembly for all students in grades primary to nine will be held on Friday, June 17 @ 10:30 am.  The theme is “Everyday People”.  You are welcome to attend. 

The Many Faces of Diversity:

Diversity is more than just multiculturalism. It has many faces…including: race, colour, culture, ethnicity, linguistic origin, physical or mental ability, socio-economic class, age, ancestry, national or aboriginal origin, place of origin, religion, faith, sex or gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, family status, and marital status.

Halifax Regional School Board’s Race Relations, Cross Cultural Understanding And Human Rights In Learning Policy (policy code C 0.010):

…the Board recognizes that certain groups in our society are treated inequitably because of individual and systemic biases related to race, colour, culture, ethnicity, linguistic origin, physical or mental ability, socio-economic class, age, ancestry, national or aboriginal origin, place of origin, religion, faith, sex or gender, sexual orientation, family status, and marital status.

We recognize that the biases existing within our society are also present in our school system. We also believe that the school board and its schools, like all organizations in Canadian society, have an ongoing responsibility to understand and work toward eliminating all forms of discrimination. Therefore, we place a high priority on the effective implementation and monitoring of the board’s Race Relations, CrossCultural Understanding and Human Rights (RCH) Policy Framework.

Curriculum materials in our schools will provide opportunities for all students to:
• Understand and develop positive attitudes about diversity, including respect for race, culture, gender, religion, ability and sexual orientation.
• Understand the causes of inequity in society.
• Learn the skills and knowledge required to name, discuss, think critically about, and challenge inequitable practices in schools and society.


We could learn a lot from a box of crayons.
Some are sharp, some are pretty, and some are dull.
Some have weird names and all are different colours,
But they all have to live in the same box.

The Best:

Canadian flag“Canada is perhaps the only country on earth that is strong because of our differences, not despite them. Diversity is core to who we are, to what makes us a successful country. We live it everywhere, in small towns and big cities, all over the country. It is one of our most important and unique contributions to the world. ….I believe our openness is at the heart of who we are as Canadians. It has made Canada the freest, and the best, place in the world to live.”

(Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)

Embracing Diversity:

Park West School has a Diversity Statement. This document is a statement of our beliefs and values, and is intended to guide our daily practice. It’s a definition of what we, as a school community, believe we are and aspire to be. Cultural competence is enabled when we institutionalize cultural knowledge. This occurs when practices, policies, and programs change. Our Diversity Statement was created by our school diversity team, in consultation with students, parents, and community members:

Diversity is a significant part of the fabric of Park West School. Our school’s mission is to build a school community where we learn from, celebrate, and embrace our diversity; by doing this, we create a culture of acceptance. Park West is strongly committed to ensuring a sense of community in which every member is safe, valued, respected, and treated with dignity. We believe that a broad range of experiences and viewpoints enhances learning and enriches life. We believe knowledge generates understanding and understanding generates acceptance. We envision a school that welcomes everyone regardless of sex, gender identity, gender expression, race, ethnicity, religion, family structure, socioeconomic level, culture, age, sexual orientation, language, and physical or mental abilities. We want Park West students to emerge “culturally proficient,” equipped to thrive in a rapidly changing world with open hearts, open minds, a sense of their own value, and a commitment to effect positive change.


At Park West School you will experience a “culture of acceptance”.


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May 24

Park West PTA on Facebook

FacebookPark West School is fortunate to have a very active Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) working hard to support teaching and learning here at our school.

Did you know Park West PTA has a Facebook page? Please follow us at to keep up with all of our upcoming PTA events, meetings and other important info.

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May 20

Ask me about…..

Ask Me About:  Do you want to know what’s going on in your child’s classroom?  What has your son or daughter been learning/working on at school recently?   Just ask him/her about……

  • 5- Henry: different body systems; Canada Food Guide

  • 5/6 Casey: sixes are doing flight, and the fives are doing weather

  • 1 – Ssebazza: mealworms

  • 4 – Walsh/MacIntyre: light & sound, division & fractions

  • 6 – Flinn: Youth Culture and Diversity of Life

  • 6 – Bennett:  A Midsummer’s Night Dream

  • 9 ELA (Blackburn): Spoken Word Poetry, and The Fifth Rule

  • P/1 – Morine: life cycles of plants and butterflies

  • P – Dorey: life cycle of a plant and butterfly.

  • ½ – MacDonald: caterpillars, and planting seeds

  • 3 – Crummer: Active Citizenship; growing a bean plant; parts of a bean plant

  • JH Tech Ed (Mr. d’Entremont): the design process

  • 3 – Nelson:  fractions: thirds, fourths, fifths, eighths, tenths, numerators and denominators

  • 4/5 Shupe:  caffeine and impacts on the human body

  • 1 – Kostlac: living things, nonfiction reading and writing.

  • Elementary French (Ms. Mockler): Grade 4: Bugs; Grade 5: Genres of movies; Grade 6: Genres of music

  • 2- Moore: space

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May 20

Dates to remember….

Dates to Remember

19   PTA Popcorn Day ($1 a bag)
20  PTA Staff Appreciation Luncheon (for teachers and support staff)
23   Victoria Day (school closed for holiday)
30   Fine Arts Spring Concert (band, choir and strings) – you are invited 6:30 – 7:30 pm

8   Junior High Dance (grades 6 students are invited to this dance) – $5.00 per student @ 6:30 – 8:30 pm
14   Elementary Field Day (rain date: June 15)
15   Student dramatic play presentation ……“The Redemption of Gertie Green” – you are invited @ 6:30 pm

17  Diversity Assembly @ 10:30 am
20/21   Grade 9 Exams (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies) @ ll day
23   PTA Community Barbeque – you are invited @ 5:30 – 7:30 pm
24   Elementary Assembly @ 10:30 am
27   Grade 9 Closing Ceremony – you are invited @ 1:00 pm
27   Grade 9 Farewell Celebration (dinner and harbour cruise for grade 9 students) – tickets on sale soon
28   Assessment & Evaluation Day (no school for students)
29   Last Day of School (early dismissal)

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May 12

There’s music in the air….

Spring Fine Arts Concert

On Monday, May 30 @ 6:30 pm our annual Spring Fine Arts Concert will be presented in the gym featuring our students in the choir, band, and strings ensembles

Parents, family members, and friends are invited to come out to enjoy the incredible musical talents of our students.



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May 12

Earthkeepers cleaning up at Park West

Students at Park West (especially in grades P – 6) have been working at being better Earthkeepers.  We are proud of our school, but we haven’t been doing a very good job at keeping our school grounds clean, and litter free.  We are making a better effort to put garbage where it belongs; not on the ground, but in garbage cans.  We are reminding others to do the same.  Some classes at our school have been devoting some time to cleaning up our school grounds by collecting litter.   We want our school grounds to look clean and beautiful, and we want to be good community neighbours.   We apologize to our friends and neighbours for not being more responsible.  We are working hard to do better, and be good citizens.  Parents are encouraged to reinforce our Earthkeeping efforts at home with their children. 

earth dayWe appreciate the following classes for being outstanding Earthkeepers here at Park West by helping to clean up our school grounds:

  • Ms. Cavanaugh and Ms. Copley’s grade primary class

  • Ms. Morine’s grade primary/one class

  • Ms. MacDonald’s grade one/two class

  • Ms. Moore’s grade two class

  • Ms. Crummer’s grade three class

  • Ms. MacMullin and Mr. Piercey’s grade four class

  • Mr. Shupe’s grade four/five class

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May 12

Grade 9 News

Grade 9 Trip –  Ottawa and Montreal on June 1 – 4 .  All participating students must be at the airport by 8:00 am on June 1.   Don’t forget to pay your baggage fee in advance and bring your photo ID.

examsExams – Grade 9 exams will be held on June 20 (English Language Arts and Science) and June 21 (Math and Social Studies). Exams will cover the full year’s work. Start studying soon.

Farewell Grade 9’s – The Halifax Regional School Board strongly discourages graduation ceremonies and proms at the junior high level. Most junior high schools do not conduct graduation ceremonies or formal proms. Those events are reserved for high schools. At the end of this school year our grade nine students will be leaving us for high school. At Park West we will be marking this milestone in a meaningful and celebratory way. A “Grade 9 Farewell Celebration” is being planned for our departing students on the evening of June 27. Students will meet at the school and be transported downtown for dinner and a harbour cruise. Tickets will go on sale in June. This event is only open to grade nine students attending Park West School. A “Grade 9 Closing Ceremony” will be held on June 27 at 1:00 pm, at the school. Students and their families are invited to this informal event. A reception will follow. These events are supported with funds from student fees and our PTA.


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May 10

New Acting VP appointed for 2016-17 school year

Tracy FosterCongratulations to Mr. Melanson (our vice principal for the last five years).   He has been awarded a one-year study leave for the 2016-2017 school year.

The Halifax Regional School Board (HRSB) recently appointed Ms. Tracy Foster as acting vice principal for Park West School in Mr. Melanson’s absence. 

Ms. Foster is presently the vice principal at St. Stephen’s Elementary School in northend Halifax.  She has varied experiences in the education field. She has taught grades primary to six, resource, as well as grade 9 mathematics.  She has also served as a math consultant with HRSB.   Earlier in her career she spent some time on the faculty of education at the University of British Columbia, where she taught in the elementary teacher education program.  Ms. Foster has been a school administrator with HRSB for the past seven years.

We welcome Ms. Foster to her new assignment at Park West School in August. 

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