Mar 12

Park West Yearbooks for Sale!!!!


A Galaxy of PAWSibilities….

Your friends. Your school

Your Year!!

Order your Yearbook by: APRIL 3, 2015

$25.00 payable to Park West School

Or online @

Yearbook code: 12112615

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Jan 07


Follow the link to information below for  all new Primary students registering for 2015


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Sep 17

Our School Newsletter – PWS UPDATE

Our school newsletter – PWS UPDATE – will be published approximately every two weeks. It will be the only item sent home from school printed on yellow paper. Printed copies will be sent home with the youngest student in each family. It will be posted on the school website. You may also wish to receive it electronically via e-mail. If you wish to be among the first to receive the latest editions of our school newsletters by having it sent to your e-mail address simply e-mail your request to Mr. Carter at   We urge you to read each edition thoroughly and to keep past issues for reference. Here at Park West we value good communication. We are striving to keep you informed and involved. 

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Mar 25

Winter Safety Reminders for our Students:

when on the school grounds students should….
• Stay on sidewalks and crosswalks when available.
• Beware of moving vehicles.
• Not walk through parking lots or play around parked vehicles.
• Stay off snow banks near windows, and beside parking lots and roadways.
• Not throw snow or ice.
• Not push others on or off snow banks.

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Mar 25


There’s nothing like a steaming hot bowl of soup on a cold wintery day. A homemade soup selection is available every day from our cafeteria for our students to purchase for lunch. The price is only $3.50, and includes a fresh roll. A variety of other hot and tasty healthy meals and snacks are available at reasonable prices. Sandwiches and salads are prepared fresh daily. Menus are available on our school website. To request a menu, place an order, or if you have questions please contact our cafeteria operator, Jane Scrymgeour, at 902-440-7352.

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Mar 25

PTA Family Movie Night CANCELLED

The PTA Family Movie Night scheduled for Thursday, March 26 is cancelled.

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Mar 24


Until further notice there is no parking anywhere on our grounds for parents and visitors. Vehicles are permitted in the traffic loop for quick drop-offs only.  This is due to the excessive snow causing reduced parking, narrower thoroughfares, and potentially hazardous conditions.  Please be aware of the presence of students at all times.  The speed limit in school zones is 30 km/hr.  The speed limit on our school grounds is 15 km/hr.

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Mar 02

Safety First

Safety First:   For the safety of our students and staff (and everyone who visits our school) all drivers on our grounds are expected to follow these guidelines:

• No parking in the traffic loop (except in the four designated visitor parking spots)
• No parking in Fire Lanes.
• A “Drop Off” zone is provided in the traffic loop for a QUICK drop-off or pick-up of students. Do not stay stopped or parked in the Drop Off zone. Move to the front of the Drop Off zone as far as possible when dropping off or picking up.
• Drop off and pick up students at curbside in the Drop Off zone, not in the middle of the traffic loop.
• Drive slowly. The maximum speed posted is 15 km per hour.
• Be aware of the marked cross walks. Stop when necessary for pedestrians to cross.
• Do not park in or drive through the staff parking lot.
• Visitor parking is available at the south end of the building (adjacent to the garbage compound).
• School buses always have the right-of-way in the traffic loop. At no time should vehicles impede the movement and parking of school buses on school property.
• Handicap parking spaces are only to be used for those with permits displayed.

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Sep 30


Want to stay connected to Park West Twitter?  Simply send a text message,

follow  ParkWestHRSB

 to 21212

and recieve Park West Tweets to your mobile device via text message.

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